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    Graham: It's 'stunning' Comey never told Congress about fake email
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    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Claims Comey Firing a ‘Little Whiff of Fascism’
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    Brit Hume on Flynn's refusal, Comey's upcoming testimony
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    AP analysis of legal implications of Comey memo
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    Schiff to probe Was Comey pressured by Trump
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    FBI Director
    House members on FBI Trump Comey Russia Investigation Press Conference 5.19.2017
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    Comey expressed concerns over deputy AG Rosenstein, friend says
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    Comey ‘disgusted’ by Trump’s attempts to show closeness, friend says
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    Senator Kamala Harris Weighs In On Comey Firing, Michael Flynn Reports | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
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    Senator: Rosenstein knew of Comey firing before memo
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    Anderson Cooper 5/16/17 : Comey’s Memo Is the Smoking Gun of Donald Trump’s Watergate
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    NYT: James Comey Memo Says Donald Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC
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    Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) Interview (05/14/17)
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    Former Nixon Aide: President Trump Firing James Comey A 'Cancer On Presidency' | AM Joy | MSNBC
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    Senator Lindsey Graham On James Comey Firing And Russia (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News
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    Rex Tillerson on Russia, James Comey, And Relationship With Trump (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News
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    John Oliver BRILLIANT takedown of Trump's Firing of James Comey
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    Sen. Chuck Schumer One-On-One with Chuck Todd at Meet The Press. #Firedcomey #Comey
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    Behind the Comey firing: How does the Trump administration make decisions?
  • 20
    Top Dem on Intel Committee says Trump fired Comey because of the Russia investigation
Thought Leaders
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    Does Neil deGrasse Tyson Believe In God? | Chelsea | Netflix
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    Noam Chomsky: I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn (EXTENDED INTERVIEW) - BBC Newsnight
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    Mark Collier Q&A with Edward Snowden
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    Ray Kurzweil - Is Life and Mind Inevitable in the Universe?
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    Bill Gates: You Need Health Care, Education And Opportunity To Escape Poverty | Squawk Box | CNBC
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson On Hunger For Science Despite President Donald Trump | AM Joy | MSNBC
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    Noam Chomsky on the future of Palestine in the Trump era
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    Smerconish Speaks to Glenn Greenwald on What is Wikileaks Trying To Accomplish #Smerconish
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    Interview with Professor Robert Reich - UBC Lind Initiative in U.S. Studies
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